Why wasn’t space jam on Steve’s list of things he needs to catch up on

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Untitled | by georgia hertz.


Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction.

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Come On Eileen
Dexy's Midnight Runners
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Come on Eileen

Oh, I swear what he means

At this moment you mean everything

You in that dress

My thoughts I confess

Verge on dirty

Oh, come on Eileen…


A great hour long Electro Swing mix by tallulahgoodtimes on Soundcloud!

Songs included

It Don’t Mean a Thing - Lionel Hampton

Jungle Dancing - Enzo Siffredi

Bah Bah James Day & Justin Langlands - Mike Potter

The Phantom - Parov Stelar

Is That Too Much to Ask - Biboulakis

Hop on hop off - Good Luck

Chambermaid - Parov Stelar

Swing and Soul - DJ Mibor

All aboard - Iain Mackenzie

Saturday Swing - Lusty Leg

Jolie coquine - Caravan Palace

Minnie the Mooch - Swagger Jax

Happy Makala

Appelnykarja - Movits

Eurodans - New Mjondalen

Gypsy Doodle - Analogik

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this about sums it up

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Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge, UK (by Cambridge University)

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Happy Birthday to John Muir!

Born in 1838, Muir was a naturalist and preservationist who founded the sierraclub. In 1903, Muir took Theodore Roosevelt on a famous camping tour of Yosemite and persuaded the President to add Mariposa Grove and Yosemite Valley to Yosemite National Park.

Did you know? The new Theodore Roosevelt sculpture at the center of the recently reopened Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall depicts the President as he looked during that Yosemite trip.

Learn more.

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you have to love the firefly reference

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Could we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that George R. R. Martin included Tommen’s kittens in the appendix of A Feast for Crows. 

Ser Pounce

Lady Whiskers